Altered Book: Let's turn a vintage book with sewn binding, into a beautiful keepsake! An Art Journal.

  • Detailed lesson on Altering a book
  • You can also use an ordinary Art Journal for this class! You will create several pages.
  • Create a two page design "Keep a song in your heART"
  • Prepare your Journal for writing!

Hi, I’m Barb Lentz

I opened my ArtSea Living studio in South Florida in 2003 and have been teaching & selling art ever since! My passion is helping you find yours through Art, Nature, Beauty and inspiring ArtSea Living! I am so excited you are joining. Let's Create!

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Art Journaling - Keep a song in your heART, an Altered Book Series

Let's Create our Masterpiece of a life!

In this class you will learn how to take an old book and turn it into a beautiful, functional Art Journal. You can also buy a regular Mixed Media Art Journal for these lessons.

We will accomplish preparing our journal for artworks and create several pages! This will get you started on your journaling hobby!

Little cards inside... journal on the back of them and keep them in the pocket!

Keep a song in your heART!
Keep a song in your heART!
Create a hidden pocket in your design... a place to add painted cards!